How to Get Started

Step 1:

First please tell me a little about yourself. This will allow us to get the most of our time and better help me help you!

  1. What is your current physical activity level or exercise program consist of?
  2. What is has been your history involving exercise or physical activity?
  3. Have you ever used a trainer before and if so what did the program consist of?
  4. What are your short and long term goals?
  5. Please share your past injuries or any limiting factors that may interfere with working out.
  6. What location and times would best suit you for working with a Personal Trainer?

Step 2:

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions.

BodySmart Fitness

Step 3:

Download the following forms:

Health History Form

Client Information Form

Client Goals

Step 4:

Visit the policies and procedures page for more information.